Black Church food security network

While we currently enjoy 501c3 status via a fiscal sponsorship arrangement (Shout out to Fusion Partnerships!), we are clear that we are NOT a food charity organization.  We are a Self-Help organization!

We are growing food and encouraging the growth of food at congregations as a way to advance Black food security and sovereignty while simultaneously challenging the social power dynamics that have Black people hungry and outside the reach of fresh food in the first place.

We prefer working with those who are sensitive and knowledgable concerning issues of privilege (in all its expressions) and want to direct their resources to help undermine social arrangements that keep people locked out of building power and opportunity for themselves.

We enjoy working with those who believe that helping people on their own terms is the best route to sustainable solutions.

If this statement resonates with you, we invite your investment in this work.  You can invest "sweat equity" by volunteering at one of our sites or putting some of your money to work by making a financial contribution.

​Thank you!